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Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, his family consists of 6 members, 4 children and 2 grandchildren. In late 1995 and early 96 they moved to the United States, to the city of Long Island, New York; where they had the blessing of receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Pastor Carlos tells that at the worst time of his life, he fell into a depression, where his entire life was about to be completely destroyed. It was the Lord Jesus Christ who saved him and his entire family, giving him new hope, in which He found the purpose of his life. They began to share the word of God in the streets, where they talked, along with their children, the love of Jesus by handing out pamphlets. Many souls were saved for the glory of God.


They opened their first radio program on a secular radio station at the end of year 1996, supported by fellow Christians. They moved to Florida in the year 2000 continuing to serve the Lord and always working secularly, with ups and downs, but trusting that the Lord was in control and that he had been the one that called to become pastors. Preaching on radio stations, in the streets and where God gave them the opportunity never losing their vision to serve and preach Jesus Christ.


In  2005 they move to Tennessee in a difficult time, where only God could have sustained them. The most dark days of their life were knocking at the door, this time it was nothing compared to past problems. Their two youngest children have a car accident on December 1, 2007, one ended very injured but nothing severe; thanks to God. However, the other ended in deep coma, with the aid of artificial respiration. The doctor did not give them hope, but the faith of the pastors was focused on who had helped them many years ago (Lord Jesus Christ) ago. After 19 days in a deep coma, they experienced the wonderful miracle. Their son woke up and in a short time had a full recovery, for the glory and honor of God.


The ministry and their lives changed, a before and after. Now they serve God as Pastors of “Ministerio Restauracion Internacional” or “International Restoration Ministry” in English. They have been in the Ministry since March 2010. The Lord has also opened doors to preach in different countries such as Bolivia, Argentina, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, where the Lord has glorified saving, healing, freeing and restoring lives through his Holy Spirit. Pastor Liliana Aybar is a women's speaker and gives conferences preaching the Word of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They minister marriages, and currently have a radio program in which the word of God is being preached. They also preach in prisons and have groups of life in different parts of Alabama.


They also take the message of the Word of God all over the world with our services live on Sunday at 10:00 AM CST, via Internet. We would like to thank God for putting Senior Pastor Huey Hudson in our way, we also thank and his family, Restoration Church, and leaders of their congregation for receiving us with love and supporting us to fulfill the purposes of God to reach the Hispanic community, not only in this city but in all the nations.


We would also like to thank everyone that has served in the past and the current leaders in “Ministerio Restauracion Internacional”, Elizabeth Rodríguez, Eliza Lemus, Sandra Lemus, Daniela Bianchi, Abel y Margarita Lorenzo, Ednalis Alvarado, Rosa Toussaint, Estela Rios, aJulian & Michelle Santos and Luanie & Jose Vargas well as every member of our congregation, whom with love have given and supported our vision. God bless you and your family. We love you. Thank you to everyone who has ever served in our church, those who currently serve and those who will serve in the future. Thank you for letting us be a part of your family, and for letting us be with you, via internet or radio. Thank you for being a part of “Ministerio Restauracion Internacional”. We bless you in the name the almighty, our Lord Jesus Christ !!! Special thanks to their children Yamila, Matias, Lucas and Alexis Aybar, who were in all stages of our lives, we love you and God Bless!!! Pastors Carlos and Liliana Aybar

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